About Us

Askar Makina supplies quality toolings and equipments to the automotive and the aerospace industries:

  • Sheet metal stamping tools (progressive, transfer, manual)
  • Welding and assembly fixtures (manual and automated)
  • Checking/Cubing fixtures

  • Composite moulding tools (autoclave tools, RTM tools, bonding tools, etc.)
  • Sheet metal forming tools (bending, stretch forming, deep drawing tools)
  • Assembly jigs and assembly lines
  • Milling jigs ant routing fixtures
  • Transport tools and MRO equipments
  • Aerospace parts machining

We deliver top quality products and turnkey solutions on a full-service basis from design to on-site commissioning, thanks to our advanced engineering skills and production technologies.

We are one of the R&D facilities supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology under the code of 5746 to develop engineering products and processes for the Aerospace and the Automotive Industries.

We always welcome your any request. Just give us a call or simply send your request to info@askarmakina.com.