• Everything you need for automotive stampings at one address

    Cost and time pressure is continuously getting harder in the automotive industry. To support our customers we have taken our expertise and knowledge one step further and offer a one-stop-shop service.

    We supply all equipments you need in the sheet metal processing sequence out of one hand:
      - Stamping dies
      - Checking & measuring fixtures
      - Welding fixture

    Engineering support at every point in the vehicle development process

    Our engineering service is available at any point in the new product development process all the way down from initial design of components to delivering complete set of tools and fixtures to produce sheet metal stampings and assemblies.

    We put together the performance and the quality by delivering our products at PPAP conditions at customers? own production lines.

    Tool Engineering


    Our adventure starts with the process engineering of the stamping process considering the performance and quality expectations of the customer.

    We propose the best process option to deliver the most value to the customer in terms of overall cost and quality.

    We have a long experience at all of the common stamping methods:
      - Progressive tools
      - Transfer tools
      - Manuel tools

    Our tool engineers design the tools in the 3D environment and carry out design reviews with the customers participation to ensure fool proof designs. We use only high quality and world class die components which are the essential parts of long life tools.

    Quality at every detail

    We are always proud of our quality and the level of satisfaction of our customers with our jobs.

    Every Askar employee works diligently on their tasks to be a flawless part of the perfect whole.

    We meet the highest level requirements of our customers by building quality into every detail of our job.

    Try outs & Buy offs

    We test the tools at the serial production speeds and stamping conditions specified in the contracts. Thus, during pre-acceptance, our customers are able to see and test their tools at full performance in a very similar condition to their own ones.

    A key enabler for this service is our brand new Try Out Press equiped with the latest high-tech featues.

  • Checking Fixtures


      - Checking Fixtures for metal stampings and assemblies
      - Checking Fixtures for inner and outer plastic panels
      - Auto Glass Moulds and Checking Fixtures

    All of the above inspection tools are among our major product groups. Our expert designers set up the control process in collaboration with customer engineers to fully meet their inspection requirements. Functionality, ergonomy, control speed, process reliability and operators safety are the main concerns that we consider during every step of design and production. Any product we manufacture is subject to a very tight final control process prior to delivery.


    Checking Fixtures For Inner and Outer Plastic Panels

  • Cubing Fixtures

  • Welding Fixtures


    We manufacture welding jigs and fixtures of various sizes and complexities,. Beside our experienced design team who designs and develops welding fixtures in 3D CAD environment based on the Customer Specifications and Technical Requirements, we manufacture based on the customer designs as well. Final inspections and adjustments are carried out by CMM devices or by the Laser Tracker technology. Measurement and Adjustment results are communicated to the customer for a pre-acceptence of the goods prior to delivery.

  • Autoglass Moulding Tools and Fixtures